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Friday fun stuff

Ruin is attempting to resurrect itself for.... the fourth time? Fifth? I have no idea at this point :) This time it's going to be on every 2nd and 4th friday. I'm going to try and make it out tonight despite having plans to also go out tomorrow night with shelleycat and some friends, and despite the fact that...

Dollhouse starts its second season tonight! It's on 9 here, so i get to watch it and then head out to Ruin right after that.

Oh, and sometime last year there was a big debate about whether or not people who weren't Nielson families watching the show would have any affect on whether or not it got renewed. I had a somewhat involved psychological argument that it did. Well it turns out that it's a bit simpler than that. Dollhouse ended up having poor or mediocre Nielson ratings, but Fox renewed it anyways.... in part because of how well it did on DVRs!

I still think my original argument is also true, but this clearly shows that if you want something to succeed you should go ahead and support it even if it's not obvious what direct affect your individual support will have. If no one supports whatever it is it will definitely fail, and if you go ahead and support it you may end up having an impact in an unexpected way :)
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