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Got to Wumpskate fairly early and was out on the rink skating by 9:15. Spent 45 minutes or so skating before taking a break to give shelleycat a call, then got some tacos. Doomie had new steak flavored vegan tacos, and after starting out with three tacos (one regular vegan and two steak flavored) i gave into temptation and got another steak one.

I went out and skated some more and then took a break to talk to industrialbchic and her SO for a bit. Apparently i'm severely lacking in aesthetic appeal. While we were talking the female photographer walked up and took a picture of industrialbchic and then walked away without even a first glance in my direction =P Shortly after that they brought out some cake to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Wumpskate and while waiting in "line" (really more of a mob) i got to chat with the cute girl behind me for a minute or two.

Went out and did more skating, and for the last fifteen minutes or so i did mostly backwards skating. Definitely getting better at it, definitely still nowhere near proficient. After the last song Xian said anyone who had suggestions for what themes to do in the future should let her know, so i stopped by the DJ booth to (once again) say she ought to do another video game themed night, and while i was there i asked if she ever played any Abney Park, which segued into the difference between Malediction and Ruin, and she happened to mention that Ruin _might_ be coming back on saturday nights :) Anyways, i got home about 1:45 or so and got to sleep by two and got up at six, which is a pretty decent amount of sleep for a wumpskate night :)
Tags: recaps, rollerblading

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