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I swear i didn't punch that insect! It just ran into my fist!

Uh, anyways, i got about 14 miles done in almost exactly two hours. It was fairly warm, and only partly cloudy.

Also, have i mentioned that Abney Park is totally awesome? :) I played some of their music for shelleycat and she likes them too (although apparently for entirely different reasons than i do) and i added some of the songs to my mp3 player and they make great exercise music! ("Stigmata Martyr," "All The Myths Are True," "The Death of the Hero," "Love," "Airship Pirate," and "Post Apocalypse Punk.") And they're even a west coast band (based in Seattle! woot!) so i need to keep an eye out for any concerts of theirs in the future.
Tags: exercise, music, rollerblading

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