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Oh yeah, i forgot some stuff i meant to post in my recap thing earlier.

First, i've finished off a lot of books in the last couple weeks, in both physical and Audible format.


Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs:

I thought this was fun, although the character design of Anna does seem a little cliched. (She was mistreated when she was younger, but it turns out that she has special powers, that were immediately recognized by the handsome knight-analogue when he showed up and instantly fell in love with her... i'd probably gag if i wasn't such a sucker for stories like that =) But hey, she's a werewolf, and werewolves make everything better :)

Dark Lord of Derkholm - Diana Wynne Jones:

This was a very fun book. It's set in a magical world that's been forced and/or bribed into some kind of contract with someone from a neighboring industrial society to act as a fantasy theme park for visiting tourists. Which means they have to do recreations of the epic battle between Good and Evil on regular basis, which in turns is playing havoc on the local environment and economy. After forty years of this the locals are well and sick of it and are trying to figure out a way out of the deal.

Year of the Griffin - Diana Wynne Jones:

Unless you'd studied the her bibliography beforehand you might get the idea that Dark Lord of Derkholm was a standalone book. Well, you'd be mostly right. Year of the Griffin is one of those follow-on books that wraps things up for the rest of the characters and a few loose hanging threads. It's definitely shorter than Derkholm, and it seemed rather less serious to me, but it is rather cute and still very fun. If you're like me about halfway through you may get the notion "oh, this is one of those books where they're going to pair off all the leftover characters with each other in a 'happy ever after' type way." You might or might not be right O:)

Perdido Street Station - China Mieville (Audible):

The description continued to be eye-glazing (at least for me) but the plot continued to make up for it. It is a bit of a Crapsack World though, and although it's not as bad as "A Song of Ice and Fire," a number of characters do get killed off and a few more have not nice things happening to them by the end.

The Sharing Knife Book 4: Horizons - Lois McMaster Bujold (Audible):

I quite enjoyed this, though perhaps in part that was due to sithjawa tempering my expectations. I do like the way the series has kept evolving, it makes it seem like it's actually going somewhere rather than being stuck in a particular rut (not that that's usually a problem for Bujold's books anyways.) If i had one complaint it would be the way that Malice encounters keep driving things forwards, especially after she managed to avoid them entirely in the last book, but to be fair that is kind of the whole focus of the protagonists plans and thus the focus of the entire series. It seems a little strange how Dag manages to keep running into "special" Malices. I'm wondering if she's actually going to be writing any more in the series. She definitely could if she wanted, but the tone at the end to me seemed almost like a wrapping up. They've definitely reached the end of a phase at least.

Second, went to Ruin last friday.


Ruin is trying to rise from the ashes once again. Xian announced that we had a chance to "save Ruin," all we had to do was get lots of people to show up for a one night retrial run. I kind of wish they'd switch it to saturday night so shelleycat could go more often, but friday night is better than no night, so i made sure to make it out.

Mostly the same old same old. Lots of music, lots of dancing, lots of fun. As an added bonus they've started doing a different set of music in the smaller side room. As an added added bonus there were three cute girls (two of whom were wearing glasses =) sitting right next to the dance floor who spent at least five or ten minutes involved in something somewhere in the realms between "heavy make out session" and "light BDSM session." Much eye-candy was had by all :)

It wrapped up around 2:30, and when i tried to get on the 110 S i found that it had been reduced to one lane by construction and had slowed to a halt, so i took the 10 E to the 405 S. Which wasn't quite ideal since my plan was actually to go into work and make up the three hours i was short on for the week. So i ended up getting to work about 3:30 and staying till 6:30, then going home and crashing.
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