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Yesterday shelleycat and i went to Costco for dinner. Well, the dinner part was mostly incidental to the shopping part. I got a new 1.5 TB hard drive for $120 (my current hard drives are getting full, and i need room to clear off the stuff currently on the memory cards from my camera and then more room to download the pictures and videos when i get back from DragonCon.) I was going to buy some extra SD cards as well, but the smallest size Costco had was 4 GB, and i don't think my camera can handle that size. (Hey coraa, are you still using the twin camera? Have you checked what size yours handles?) I also restocked on frozen veggies, frozen cheeseburgers, and frozen cream puffs.

When we got home shelleycat watched one of her many cooking reality shows, while i tried to fill out my DragonCon schedule some more. (Two things i really wish Google Calendar did. Adjustable row heights (still) and the ability to set different colors for individual events in the same calendar. I'd really like one color for all the Stirling panels, another color for all the Bujold panels, yet another color for all the music events, etc.) Then we watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, because shelleycat had never seen the whole thing and i'd never actually seen any of it. (Our curiosity was aroused after noticing the listings of it and "The Buffy Horror Picture Show" in the DragonCon schedule.)

Last weekend we watched "Push" on DVD. It was kinda fun, but there were a _lot_ of plot holes. And we finally started in on season 4 of BSG. Well, we started out with the Razor movie, i'm not sure if that's technically part of season 4 or not.

Weekend before that shelleycat decided we should go see District 9, even after reading through the big debate in my LJ about racism in the movie. The movie as a movie was very good, though i can definitely see how the issue of racism arose. I'll try and post something more about that later.

I think that's most of what i've been doing the past couple weeks, or at least as much of it as i can remember at this point.
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