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The guy with three weather websites...

Wunderground is a pretty good weather site, but it's not entirely accurate for my location. I'm not sure if the site they use for my zip is a little inland (despite claiming it's a "beach" location) or if they usually predict things to be a little less cloudy than they actually are and then stop updating the info after a certain point. There have been several times where i've been looking at the little "sunny" icon on the website and then out the window at the clouds.

I recently found Unearthed Outdoors, which theoretically has live weather reports from on the beach itself, though the details are kind of sparse. Then today i found Watch the Water, which also is supposed to be from right on the beach and has a few more details, it even has a webcam, which is a very good thing because aside from that some of their measurements seem to have some problems.

When i checked just before heading home one of the sites claimed the temperature was 72 and the wind was 20 mph, another that the temperature was 73.5 and the wind 10 mph, and the last that the temperature was 68 and the wind 0. When i got home it was definitely windy though, and kind of cloudy (Wundergrounds current weather says partially cloudy, but the "hourly" page claims it's clear now and will continue to be so until sometime between 8 and 11, Watch the Waves has a sunny icon, but show clouds in the webcam.)

The one thing Wunderground definitely gets the advantage on is actually offering predictions, and currently they're saying it will get progressively sunnier, warmer, and less windy as the week goes on, possibly even reaching the 80s by the weekend. I think i shall wait until later to go rollerblading :)

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