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Computery questions

I have created maybe a dozen or two webpages in my life, they've all been based on the same three or four templates, and they've all been done using only simple HTML.

So does anyone know if there's a way to take a static table and make the columns sortable? If there's a way with just HTML that would be great, but if not (as i rather expect,) what's the simplest way with the most commonly available scripting language? I'm guessing probably PHP or java something?

Also, a long time ago (like, the early 90s) i had an ancient PC utility that i would use to hack equally ancient PC games (SSI titles and other RPGs were frequent targets.) It was a TSR with an interface you could pop up in the middle of the game that would let you search the contents of the RAM for particular values, like your current number of hit points or gold for example. You could then go back to the game and wait until that value changed (get hit or heal yourself, get some gold, etc) and then go back to the TSR interface and do another search. The program would narrow down the list of hits until you'd figured out the memory location that property was being stored in, at which point you could edit that value, just like with a debugger.

jmpava says that he use something similar for hacking his own games, so it seems like they must have been fairly common, but neither one of use can remember the name of the program we used. Does anyone else happen to remember the name of such a program? Or a specific term for that class of programs in general? All the google terms i've tried so far have resulted in things like sites for buying RAM or game genie codes =P

I'm curious about whether or not such things still exist/still function on modern architectures.
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