DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Well that was unexpected

Remember how i said a week or so ago that there were three films that i was kinda looking forward too all coming out today? Well i got around to checking the reviews on RottenTomatoes now that there's a decent number of them out. Ponyo is at 95% (with 75 reviews) District 9 is at 87% (with 133 reviews) and The Time Traveler's Wife is at 36% (with 102 reviews.)

I know that reviews don't necessarily equate to actual quality, and there's far less correlation with success, but still, if i was expecting any one of those three to do poorly with reviewers i would have thought it would be District 9.

So yeah, definitely gonna go see Ponyo and District 9. We'll see about The Time Traveler's Wife.
Tags: anime, movies

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