DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Things accomplished today

Went to Roller Skates of America and got all the wheels on both sets of rollerblades replaced (which cost more than it probably should have, but oh well =P) but unfortunately they didn't have the bolt thingy necessary to fix my Wumpskate rollerblades, which means i need to figure out some way to secure the two pieces with twine or wire or something for monday =P

Stopped by AAA and picked up a temporary insurance card since they official ones didn't ever seem to show up in the mail (i was checking for it, i swear! I did fine the piece of mail with the new AAA card, just not the insurance card.)

Stopped by Peet's to pick up a pound of coffee so i can make some more later this weekend.

Went rollerblading for an hour and fifteen minutes, did about 9 miles.

And now i need to shower so i can go off to shelleycat's :)
Tags: rollerblading

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