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What the hell movie execs?

This year has been pretty good for movies so far. In the first seven months we've seen six movies in the theatre that i can recall. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Watchmen, Monsters vs. Aliens, Star Trek, Up, and Harry Potter. So an average of about one per month. And we've been lucky enough (with some help from RottenTomatoes) to only see good, or at least enjoyable movies. I had some vague hopes for the Transformers movie, but those died when i started hearing the reviews. I'm also kind of hoping that GI Joe might be a fun dumb action movie, but the current 38% on RottenTomatoes isn't especially promising. (Oh yeah, and i'd _like_ to see "Moon," and whichever movie it was iyindo was recommending, but i haven't found those in local theatres yet.)

But in any case, commercials for the movies coming out _next_ weekend have started appearing. And it turns out there are THREE movies i'm interested in coming out all on the exact same day!

An interesting SF movie, "District 9", which i'm hoping is as smart as has been implied and not just a dumb action flick, the latest Miyazaki film, "Ponyo" which at worst will be interesting and at best will be awesome, and most unfortunately of all, "The Time Traveler's Wife."

"Unfortunate" because it seems the most likely to totally overshadow the other two, and of the three it's the one i'm least interested in. It was a decent but rather depressing SF novel which enjoyed a lot of mainstream success and whose author "is reluctant to label the novel, saying she 'never thought of it as science fiction, even though it has a science-fiction premise'" and which is normally not classified as SF in bookstores. I don't specifically have an issue with genre stuff being popular in general (Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman are awesome genre writers with a fair bit of popularity) but i get a bit leery when the author seems reluctant to have a book with genre themes associated with the "Sci Fi Ghetto." At least it seems reasonable to me to have a stronger emotional attachment to works by an author who is part of and celebrates my "culture," rather than one who views themself and their work as an outsider and the "culture" as something to be avoided.

In any case, i'd probably be inclined to go see all three movies (again, depending on reviews) if they were on different weekends, and i may end up seeing all three anyways, but i'm definitely not going to see all three on the same weekend. Unfortunately the stupid movie studio execs and the press put a disproportionate amount of weight on how well a movie does its opening weekend, which of course then contributes to how well the movie does in the following weeks, and what kind of movies will get made and promoted in the future. So for whatever little difference it will make i should figure out which of the three i'd like to see more of and see that the first weekend, and see the other(s) later.
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