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Good news everyone!

stormfeather tipped me off that a deal has been reached between the Cartoon Network and the old Futurama cast! (I still haven't figured out if using the phrase "good news everyone" for something that actually is good news is a sarcastic use or not.)

jmpava was a little late with the same news, but he also let me know that there seems to be a Steampunk Disney game in the works for the Wii, with the working title "Epic Mickey."

Also, Ruin is coming back for a single night, on saturday August 15th this time rather than a friday. Maybe if it does well enough it can set up shop on that day permanently?

And this month's Wumpskate (monday the 10th) is going to be Pirate Skate. Not as cool as video game skate, but not bad :)
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