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Diet stuff

I've been doing a mediocre job of sticking to my calorie goal for the past couple months (with a few exceptions like the week of Anime Expo =) and i do mean that in a very literal sense, not great, but not terrible either. But during that entire time i've been bouncing back and forth between 170 and 180. On average that puts my BMI at 25.1, just a tad over the cutoff for "Overweight," plus i still have blobs of obvious fat, so i'd like to lose a little more.

According to the CaloriesPerHour website my RMR is 1740 calories currently, which is what i've been aiming for. I figure my activity level is somewhere between 1.2 ("Sedentary - Little or no exercise and desk job") and 1.35 ("Lightly Active - Light exercise or sports 1-3 days a week") which would put my actual calorie consumption between 2,088 and 2,393. However i tried plugging an "average day" into the Activity Calculator and came up with a total of 2723 calories, which seems rather high. That would equate to an RMR factor of 1.55, "Moderately Active - Moderate exercise or sports 3-5 days a week," which i don't think is really what should be used to describe 8 hours of desk work and rollerblading about twice a week.

As a "control," i tried putting in 24 hours of sleep, which came out to 1715 calories, and 8 hours of sleep and 16 hours of "resting," which came out to 1842, so that part at least seems fairly in line with the RMR calculation.

I think somewhere else on the site they recommended that the best target was 15-20% below your activity level, so i'm not sure if i should stick with my current 1750 target (but perhaps with getting back to better accounting again) because that's presumably what my metabolism is currently adapted to (which worked _great_ for the first four or six months before stalling out,) or go with the 15-20% deficit and try to get my metabolism faster. (And if i do that, do i base that off of the "Lightly Active" RMR rate, or the amount i came up with using the Activity Calculator?)
Tags: exercise, nutrition

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