DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

There's too much stuff

Apparently last year BBC came out with a new drama about Merlin. It seems to be a Smallville-esque origin story type thing, where they've retconned Merlin, Morgana, Arthur Guinevere, and presumably everyone else to all be teens together.

And then NBC went and picked up the US rights and has started showing it on sundays at 8, which apparently "makes it the first British drama in over thirty years to be shown on US network television, as opposed to PBS or cable."

This seems like something that i ought to have heard about sometime before they were halfway through with the first season. Clearly i need to do a better job of keeping up on new and upcoming shows. Or perhaps not, it's not like i don't have enough stuff to do with my time already =P
Tags: tv
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