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Went rollerblading for about two hours, about 14 miles total, about 0.5 of it backwards. The weather was mixed, there were some nice happy warm sunny bits, and them some bits where the sun went behind the clouds and it was cool and icky. There were also some _really_ huge waves, at least by my standards. I'd guess the breakers were _maybe_ 4-6 feet high, though that's a really rough guess based on the people wading out there, and i have no experience in judging such things, so i may have been overestimating (or possible underestimating i suppose.)

I really kind of wish i'd had a camera, but my regular Canon camera is too big and clunky to take along rollerblading. It would be awkward to rollerblade with it, and although i haven't fallen down while rollerblading in forever, it would be just my luck to do so while carrying a camera.

I wonder what the cheapest smallest digital camera i could find would be? You'd think given that they can stick them in cell phones now that you could find something of equivalent quality about the volume of a couple credit cards and for less than $50, but i suppose only if there's a market for it. You'd think a lot of people would want a "decent" quality camera/video recorder that you wouldn't have to worry a great deal about losing/breaking though.
Tags: exercise, rollerblading

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