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I'm sure most people have heard the intentionally misleading but technically correct review of a certain very well known movie, "Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets, then teams up with three strangers to kill again."

Well here's another one, "Santa Claus is transported to a strange land, where he validates the legitimacy of a new proprietary holiday mascot, who since the release of the movie has become the cornerstone of a large merchandising campaign." I'm not sure if that makes it sound more cynical than it is, or exactly as cynical as it is. In either case it certainly goes against the popular perception as a somewhat counter-culture icon :)

And of course while searching for the exact original quote i found an entire list "uncomfortable plot summaries," and entirely coincidentally, it turns out that TVTropes has a similar page of "Better Than It Sounds Film." I was actually intending to show shelleycat the "Better Than It Sounds Tabletop Games" since the topic came up during boardgame night, but our initial google search ended up at the generic "Better Than It Sounds" page, which has a list of all such indices, including the Film one which shelleycat wanted to check out, but also Video Games, which i really need to check out, Literature, Anime, and all the other usual suspects.

(BTW, does anyone know what the "proper" pluralization(s) of "index" is/are? I thought it was always supposed "indices," but my default dictionary complained about it while having no issues with "indexes," and the first online dictionary i checked seemed to think that either one was okay.)
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