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19 November 2001 @ 03:39 pm
I got up early today so i could get to work and get done as soon as possible, which i've been doing only moderatly well at. I didn't get here as early as i would have liked because there was a huge amount of traffic. I also keep getting distracted reading up on game news =)

Along with getting some work done that i was behind on, there was an auction going on for some old stuff from the audio department that ended at noon today. I was trying to get two items, a tuner, and a synthesizer. Of course since it was being done over email and there was a set time limit at about 11:55 it all turned into an ebay type frenzy =/

I ended up getting the synthesizer for a heafty chunk of change, but missed out on the tuner, which would have been a lot cheaper =(