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Be careful what you wish for...

On the same topic of general google stuff, it's interesting when inputing a search to see the suggestions google comes up with for completing it. I just started out a search for something on TVTropes, and noticed that it had quite a lot of interesting suggestions. I'm a little surprised that the number one suggestions was "Crowning Moment of Awesome,", though in retrospect i can't really say what i would have expected the number one suggestion to be. It's a little disappointing, though not surprising to see "Twilight" so high on the list. Though i suppose it's possible that the majority of those searches are ironic(?) in nature. And it's a little odd that the next media specific one is "Watchmen," though perhaps that's because of the upcoming(?) DVD release. I am glad to see that "Narm" made the cut though :)

However what's really amusing, in a kind of disturbing way, is that one of the top ten recommendations is "fanfic recommendations." I'm not sure, but that seems like it might be asking for trouble to me :)
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