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Yesterday (well technically two days ago now i suppose) i was trying to look up the exact phrasing of the "All the zones have names like that in the galaxy of terror" line in Futurama so i could be sure to mangle it properly in a comment. (BTW, it seems that although Futurama _is_ getting renewed, FOX is trying to do it with all new voice actors.)

So i put "have names like that in the galaxy of terror" into google and the first hit was... one of my own posts. At first i figured that must have meant i'd gotten the fragment wrong or something, but then i noticed that the _second_ hit was TVTropes, and down around #6 was IMDB. If i expand it up to the twelve word version above then "" hops up to first, with TVTropes staying at second and me at third, but if it's even one word less than the "full" quote i stay on top. Likewise if i continue shrinking it down i stay the first hit until i get to "in the galaxy of terror", which has some geocities page first and me second.

So has google implemented some feature that skews the results towards sites you prefer? Or is that particular quote just so unpopular that i'm practically the only one in the world who cares about it? =P

And while asking questions about google, when did they change things around so the links are no longer the actual links shown in the summary, but obfuscated google URLs that redirect to the site? It makes putting stuff together for posts much more annoying =P And speaking of _that_, since when did TVTropes start using the obfuscated URLs instead of the standard wiki formatting?

But anyways, i was also introduced to RiffTrax yesterday by coraa and jmpava, which are pretty much just MST3K audio tracks that you can play along with your own copy of the movie. They're done by some of the same people who did MST3K, but they're for much more popular movies that MST3K could never have afforded the rights to. Looking through the list though reminded me both of the fan version of Star Trek V MST3K (which i really ought to look into getting a new copy of on DVD) and Wizard People Dear Reader. However i couldn't actually remember the name of Wizard People Dear Reader, so i started looking through my old LJ posts to see if i'd mentioned the name anywhere, which i had, but before that i found a post i made sometime after the release of the sixth Harry Potter book, in which i managed to predict one of the key plot elements of the seventh book. (Which is obviously a spoiler now if you haven't read the seventh book yet =) Between us steuard and i came about _that_ close to predicting the details of the twist, but we didn't quite believe our own Wild Mass Guessing enough to work through the implications of what we said :)
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