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So to add to the list of "you haven't really lived in Los Angeles until you've done...", along with having auditioned for a reality show, i've now also been an extra for a music video. An ultra-low budget music video for a niche band that most people have never heard of to be sure, but all technicalities count damn it! :)

I went over to shelleycat's place saturday evening and we went to Chili's for dinner and had their "one appetizer, two entrees and one desert for $20" deal, which was pretty good, although it ended up being around $40 after factoring in a couple drinks and a cup of coffee for me (and an iced tea for shelleycat, but that hardly counts =) After that we played a game of Thebes (which shelleycat kicked my ass at =) while watching "Children of Dune" in the background.

Sunday we got up veeeery early (like 9! In the morning! Ya rly! =) and drove down to the Irvine Spectrum to see Harry Potter with some friends of shelleycat's, which was pretty good (though it was a little disappointing that they left out the *spoilery thing* at the end.) Afterwards we went and got breakfast/lunch (and in my case dinner) at the crepe place in the mall.

(Oh! And something cool about buying boxes of candy at a dollar store! At least at the place where i got it, it comes in _exactly_ the same boxes as what the theatre sells you! So once you smuggle it in they can't even prove you didn't buy it there =)

We got back to shelleycat's place about 3, but i had to head off immediately so i could go home and shower and drive up to Malediction for the video shoot. The email said we were supposed to be there by 6:30 and anyone who showed up afterwards wouldn't be let in. I was pretty dubious about that, but i wanted to be safe rather than sorry, however i still i figured i had just enough time to stop by the hardware store on the way back to get some weather stripping so i could "fix" my welder's (aka steampunk) goggles, since the theme this week was Cyberpunk. I ended up heading up at about 5:15, a little later than i'd intended, but there was almost zero congestion on the way up, so i made it there right before 6, and found the parking lot completely empty. Other people didn't start showing up until at least 6:10 or 6:15, so i spend awhile wrapping the hard plastic edges of the goggles in foam so it wouldn't dent my forehead (or at least not as much =P)

After doing that i got out to join the "crowd" of a half dozen people that had just started to form. They didn't actually start letting us in until a little after 6:30, and people continued to trickle in for the next 30 minutes or so until there were about 30 or 40 people total, which was about the point they started passing around the rather ghetto "waiver," which seemed to consist of just two sheets of paper with no actual text, just spaces to print and sign your name and put down the date :) After that they had us all go inside, where we sat around for another five or ten minutes before they had us all get on the dance floor so they could shoot about ten minutes of video. Then they told us to take a break for a bit and gave out free bottles of water (cheapest labor evar!) and we got to sit around for thirty or forty minutes ("until the sun set" we were told, but around 8:15 i think) before having us come back in and get back on the dance floor, but all crowded near the front looking at the (empty) stage so they could take another five or ten minutes of film. Then they had us break for ten or twenty minutes before all coming back to the front of the dance floor again, but this time with the band actually on stage, where they went through the song three times (or rather lip-synced/played to a recording of the song) while filming, and that was that.

By that point it was close to 9, so from the time we were supposed to show up we spent about two and half hours getting about 30 minutes of video, which of course will be edited down to, at most, about 3 minutes of final video. Which depending on how much you know about the way Hollywood works will either seem glacially slow and painful or an amazing model of efficiency :)

Anyways, the band in question is Hex/Rx, who actually did one of my favorite songs (and by "favorite" i mean it would probably be in my top 1000 list, possibly the top 100 if i restricted it to good dancing/rollerblading songs.) Unfortunately the video wasn't for that song. It was for a song that seemed decent to me, if one is into Goth/Industrial music, but not great. (I _think_ those links are right, but i can't actually access YouTube during lunch, so i couldn't check.) But i still hope they manage to make it big. "I was in their music videos before they sold out" _so_ beats "I liked them before they were popular" ;)

So we got to sit around for awhile more until about 9:45 when they made us all go outside to wait in line so the people over 21 could get wristbands. (As a special incentive they'd decided that anyone between 18 and 21 who showed up for the video shoot could go to the club this week.) While we were waiting i managed to strike up a conversation with the couple next to me in line, and it turned out that they go to DragonCon most years. (The conversation started out about where the guy got his kilt, so it wasn't quite as random a conversation jump as it might seem.) When we got inside i was actually the first person out on the dance floor. I spent most of an hour and a half dancing and took a break around 11:30 to give shelleycat a call (for the second time actually, we'd talked briefly earlier during the downtime after the video shoot before we had to get in line) and then went back to dancing. Unfortunately around midnight i noticed that the guest DJ had taken over, and he had a much more Industrial bent than i usually prefer. I actually thought about heading home at that point, but i wandered outside for a bit to cool off first and saw Xian out there, so i asked her about it and she said she had another spin as DJ at 12:30, so i decided to stick around for that. And after that DJ Amanda took over, and then it was practically closing time, so i ended up sticking around for the whole night until they kicked us out around 1:55 :)

Got home around 3, took an hour nap on the couch, showered, made an exception to my usual budget/diet and stopped at del taco to get breakfast on my way into work, and got in a little after 6.
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