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Yay wumpskate!

Went to Wumpskate last night, for which the theme was "Summer Skate." In theory that meant wearing shorts and tank tops and other summer attire. Since i've been wearing shorts to Wumpskate the past few months it had very little affect on my own clothing choices. I decided that the "summeriest" shirt i had was one of my AX t-shirts, cause hey, that's in the summer right? :)

I gave shelleycat a call around 10 and we talked for a bit, and as she does every so often she encouraged me to talk to the cute girls who were there, and after promising her that i would i managed to strike up a conversation with the girl who i'd coincidentally seen at AX last week. It actually turned out to be easier than i'd intended since i just happened to end up right next to her and a friend of hers in the taco line. It turns out that they both volunteer at AX. (it's kind of sad though, i already had an excuse to talk to her because of AX, there were several other cute girls there that i would have been happy to end up in line next to and have an excuse to talk to.)

After getting tacos i also happened to start chatting with the cute photographer and a random guy because i was trying to figure out what song was currently playing. They didn't know, so after i finished eating i went and asked Xian, so i have a new favorite song of the moment now, Aesthetic Perfection - The Ones.

In less cheerful news, about 30 minutes after i started skating i noticed that my left foot was suddenly feeling kind of wobbly. When i got off the rink and checked it turned out that one of the bolts keeping two of the plastic pieces connected had snapped :( After some experimentation i managed to tie the shoelaces in such a way and tighten the ankle-strap enough that it was still reasonable to skate, though i wasn't able to go quite as fast and recklessly as i would have preferred. Still got a fair bit of skating in though, including about 10 minutes of backwards skating at the end. I'm definitely getting _better_ at that, but it's still a slow process =P

In any case though, i'm going to have to go by the rollerskate place to see if i can get my rollerblades fixed. I really hope i can, i don't want to have to spent $100-$200 on a new pair =/
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