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11 July 2009 @ 10:08 am
Just a little bit this time, since i need to run off for gaming soon. About 9 miles i think. Weather was pretty damn good for 8:30 in the morning :)

There was a big group of organized people at the beach for what looked like some kind of canoe or kayaking event ( i couldn't see what it was they were in from all the way up on the path.) It seemed to be sponsored by Bicardi, there were about a dozen bannery things up with the name on them anyways, which seems wrong on a couple levels. First, "let's combine drinking and going out to sea in small boats" seems like a dubious message. Second, if you're sponsoring an event you're supposed to give out samples of your product, which i don't think they're allowed to do on a beach with their particular product, so it seems a bit like a bait and switch or something.