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When i checked the sci-fi page on Audible this morning i didn't see "By Heresies Distressed" on the list of most recently released titles, but i've learned recently that their algorithm for populating that list is teh suck, so i just did a search for "David Weber" and i found it! Yay!!!

On the down side it looks like they've switched readers from Oliver Wyman, who did the first two books, to some guy i've never heard of before. In fact it doesn't look like Jason Culp has done _any_ science fiction books before this. The change isn't _necessarily_ a bad thing, but the last two or three times they switched readers in the middle of the series it was not a pleasant experience =/ At least in one case it was because of scheduling issues which prevented the original author from finishing the audiobook in time for the hardback release date. As anxious as i've been to get ahold of this book, if that was the case i kinda wish they'd delayed long enough to stick with the original person.
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