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I got home early, but unlike this weekend it was cool and cloudy, so no rollerblading for me :(

Instead i posts stuff! :)

Three Weekends Ago: Zoo and Boardgames:

I drove up to balivatn and dannonsarisa's place to pick them up and we drove down to the LA Zoo. We spent about an hour(?) wandering around looking at the aminals until shelleycat got there and joined us and we spent another hour or two looking at aminals. After we were done with that we went to the local Outback for lunch. shelleycat and i hadn't known until then that Outback had a special lunch menu. We should go back there (well to a generic Outback) for lunch again sometime to try the all you can eat soup and salad. After that we dropped balivatn and dannonsarisa back at their place and headed back to shelleycat's.

Sunday morning we headed up to chalgaryn and steuard's place, with a slight side trip to Donut Man on the way, to play games with them and thaisa and some other friends of theirs. We played a game of Red November, a cooperative game where you play as a bunch of gnomes stuck on a malfunctioning submarine and you all die. Well theoretically you have a chance of living, but we didn't. Although we did make it to the very end, the very last card in fact, before something critical finally broke. It was a lot of fun though. After that we played a Cheap-Ass game called "Bitin' Off Hedz," or something like that. Which was simple and kind of cute, but before we got to the end we were all getting kind of hungry, so there was a bit of "well i _could_ stop you from winning right now, but i want to get food." So after that we went to Marie Callender's for dinner and then everyone headed home

Two Weekends Ago: ABL Party:

Picked up shelleycat a little before 10, got some gas and picked up neonelephant about 10:30. We drove a bit further than i'm used to for the first leg because shelleycat pointed out the signs for Harris Ranch, which she'd mentioned a couple times before but which i'd somehow kept not noticing, so we decided to stop there for lunch. They had very yummy food and somewhat expensive gas. I saved 12 cents a gallon just by crossing over the gas stations on the other side of the freeway, and if i can believe their billboard i could have saved even more at the strange gas station up on top of the hill in the middle of nowhere that was about 20 or 30(?) miles earlier, which seems backwards.

We got up to Sunnyvale around 4 and made a quick stop at the Hotel that shelleycat and i had reserved a room at so we could check in, and then went to the party.

Party was awesome. Saw most of the usual people there. The cider i brought up seemed to be fairly popular, yay! We talked with lots of people, ate lots of snacks, did some dancing, watched stupid human tricks (i tried a couple of them and failed miserably =P) and did some hot tubbing around 1 or so. We finally decided to crash around 3am and got up at 9 to head back to the party for brunch. We headed down south around 1 i think, and i kind of lost track of time after that. Dropped neonelephant off at his place at some point and then stopped by shelleycat's place for a couple hours before heading home.

Last Weekend: Avatar the Last Airbender and Street Fair:

Not actually part of the weekend, but on thursday we did gaming as usual, and everyone else decided we should play Killer Bunnies. shelleycat had previously and frequently expressed her scathing disdain for it, and having now had the chance to try it myself i can confirm that i agree with her completely. I can't think offhand of a game that's simultaneously been as stupid, as boring, and as long as that one was =P After gaming we went back to shelleycat's place and watched the first three episodes of Avatar the Last Airbender, which seemed pretty good.

Saturday morning i went rollerblading and got my hair trimmed and did some laundey. shelleycat came over around 4 and we went to Vince's for dinner, then we went back to the apartment and watched another six or seven episodes of Avatar the Last Airbender. Still good so far.

Sunday we went over to the street fair in the village. We had some epanadas and walked around looking at the all the stands, which had some interesting stuff but nothing we ended up buying. Then we went back to the food area and got a Brazilian BBQ sandwich (i couldn't really tell the difference between Brazilian BBQ and regular BBQ, but it was still yummy) and i a strawberry lemonade and a sweet corn tamale. Yummy food. Then we came back to the apartment and mostly napped for the rest of the afternoon =P

Okay, obviously got kinda distracted in the process of writing that. It wasn't my fault, there was a mini-NCIS marathon on :)
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