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Subway, or the radio station they subscribe to, seemed to be playing all Michael Jackson all the time, at least while we were there for lunch.

I suppose we're getting closer to the time where artists i care about will be dropping dead left and right, but to me Michael Jackson is still in the category of, "oh, he's one of those people that other people cared about when i was a kid," so my response has been more or less, "eh, whatever," while being somewhat amused by what a big effect his death has had on everyone else, directly or indirectly. Judging by the total lack of a flood of related posts on my friends list (like some other people have reportedly been getting) i guess perhaps a significant number of my cohorts feel the same way?

Edit: Oh hey! Someone else just pointed out the irony that shelleycat and i have been spending the last couple weeks killing Zombie Michael Jackson in Plants vs. Zombies! :) Hope that's not some kind of omen... :)

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