DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Mmmmmm! Food!

Food is yummy, especially when you haven't eaten in about 22 hours. We went to BJs last night because shelleycat was tired and didin't feel like gaming, and i got the open face chili cheeseburger (plus a red ale and a berry burst cider of course =) and it's the first time i ever finished the whole thing as far as i can remember =P I'm curious about how many calories it has, but their website doesn't list any nutritional information. However since coraa and jmpava let me know there are in fact BJs in King County, which i've been told has some laws about restaurants there posting nutritional information, i tried sending them an email asking for information. Conveniently they even ask in regard to which restaurant you're sending email about, so i told them the Southcenter one and put in my parents' zip code :)

shelleycat and i were going to start watching the first season of Avatar: the Last Airbender after that, but we fell asleep before getting around to that =P

I noticed yesterday that my front left tire was a little flat, and when i stopped at a gas station to check the pressure and fill it up i actually saw a nail sticking into it. This is the third or fourth nail i've gotten in the past six or so months, i wonder if my tires actually have giant magnets insider or something =P So anyways, this afternoon i went on quest to A: buy cider from BevMo for ABL this weekend, and B: get my tire patched. Luckily we got up a bit earlier than usual for a friday, and i had a lot of OT saved up, so i was able to head out from work at 3 and was home by 4:30.

Anyways, i think my cup of noodles "Maruchan Instant Lunch" is ready now. Speaking of which, i need to get some more of those. Also some more mustard :)

Oh, summer_jackel, i grabbed some of Ace's Apple Honey Cider at BevMo, and i like it a lot better than their pear cider :)
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