DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

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Saved from myself

I've always been a little disappointed with the amount of cider available at ABL (which is only fair, since i'm definitely in the minority of the beer/cider split.) Clearly the solution to this is to bring some cider along. The _reasonable_ way to do so would be to pick up a six pack or three at Albertsons or BevMo. However i was intrigued to notice a few weeks ago that the menu at the BJs near shelleycat sells kegs, and i was seriously tempted to get a full or half keg of berry burst cider to bring to the party. Unfortunately when i called them up i found that the cider isn't actually one of the options for the kegs =P Probably just as well, since the regular beer is $135 for a full keg, and the cider probably would have been a little more. Still, it's kind of sad.
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