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You know those little oval plastic things mounted on little wires on metal frame glasses to keep the glasses a little bit off your nose? Well the right one of those fell off my glasses last night =P

(Right near the end of a 5+ hour game of Empire Builder =P I did a little bit better at it this time, came in second.)

The glasses still work, they just feel odd, and possibly look lopsided. I don't _really_ want to spend $100-200 (or more) on a new pair of glasses right now. I wonder if i make a regular eye appointment (which i'm overdue for anyhow) if they'd be able to solder the piece back on or something?

However in order to do that i need to figure out a time i can go by there, which may be difficult given that i'm hella busy for the foreseeable future.

This saturday shelleycat and i are going to be hanging out with balivatn and dannonsarisa at the LA Zoo. On sunday we're going to be doing boardgaming with steuard chalgaryn and thaisa.

Next weekend i and hopefully shelleycat will be going to the ABL party.

The weekend after that we _may_ be doing boardgaming at Gameology with ConGirl and her SO.

And the weekend after _that_ is Anime Expo :)

And right now i should be doing laundry. But my cat is on my lap, and that's a good enough reason not to move for now, right? ;)

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