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I now have 4-5 cups of cold brewed coffee concentrate :) There would have been 5-6 cups, but there was... a learning curve associated with pouring it from the big giant jar instead of the little teeny jar :) The learning experience aside, it takes a little more work dealing with the larger jars, but i get at least three or four times as much out of it at a time, so it definitely seems worthwhile :)

I need to do some further experiments with the best way to filter it. The larger of the sieves i bought fits perfectly over the mouth of the jars, but i'm not sure if it's catching much of the grounds. And if i add a piece of cheesecloth to the inside of the filter then it seems to clog up almost immediately the concentrate drips through very slowly if at all. It might work if i had system where i could set it up to drain slowly, but it doesn't work so well with the me standing there holding the jar method :) And the paper filter for the second step is still clogging up as well. I used two of them morning transferring the concentrate over. Perhaps i should try doing one load at a time and washing the filter out inbetweem.

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