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I would just like to say up front that i am an idiot :)

I stopped by the dollar store on the way home, and they didn't have an iced tea holder thing like suggested i look for, but they did have funnels and sieves. And steak knives. Unfortunately they only had one in the style i liked, but i only really need one :) (When we make the steaks a week or three ago shelleycat had some disparaging remarks about cutting it with what she claimed were "butter" knives =P) They also had giant boxes of nerds, so i got a couple of those, to bring the total up to $5 and change.

I stopped by AAA and renewed my insurance for the year. Ouch =P Then went by the hardware store and found that they _did_ have mason jars, but only in flats of a dozen each, for about $10. Which is obviously far more than i needed. So i stopped by Albertson's and ended up getting a jar of spaghetti sauce, which i can definitely use, and a large jar of dill pickle slices, which i definitely want :) I figured i would get through one of them _eventually_, and until then i can make do with the smaller salad dressing jar. Finally i stopped by Peet's to pick up some more coffee, since my earlier experiments had almost exhausted my supply.

When i got home i unpacked the stuff, and then got to thinking. I could have _sworn_ i had some funnels around at some point. And i'm pretty sure i had some measuring spoons somewhere. (I'd declined to buy a second $6 2 tbsp measure at Peets.) I poked around in the drawers and found the measuring spoons, but not the funnels. It's not like i _need_ to find an old set of funnels now, but my curiosity was up, so i started poking around in the old boxes of kitchen stuff that never got unpacked from the last place.

So coraa, i'd really like to know. What is this tannish-white powder you had stored in the three large MASON JARS which you left behind when you moved? :) I'm guessing it's flour of some kind? I feel a little bad about dumping it out, but it's not like i'm ever likely to use it, and one of the jars is about two-thirds empty anyways :)
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