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Weekend and Wumpskate

Saturday shelleycat and i went to the Solstice Faire in Long Beach. It was held at the local Universalist Unitarian church, and it's the first time i've ever actually been to one. (It still seemed slightly unsettling to me, but nothing like a christian church.) Got to look at cool crafts stuff and listen to cool music. We left shortly before the closing time, after being there for about two and a half hours. Since we were already in Long Beach i managed to convince shelleycat we should go to the Hokkaido buffet, in part because after a couple months of on-again-off-again plans for us to go there some day during lunch had failed to do the trick going their for a work lunch galvanized me to actually get it done with shelleycat, and partly because i just wanted more of the yummy food :) Luckily shelleycat thought the place was quite good too, and we both ate loooots of food (relatively speaking anyways, i definitely ate for more than shelleycat did =)

We went back to her place after that and spent most of the evening either napping (or i did anyways =P) and messing around with Plants vs. Zombies (mainly me showing her some of the ways to rack up lots of extra money.)

Sunday we went to Islands for lunch, stopped by Barnes & Noble so i could make my single book purchase for the month (Wen Spencer's new (in paperback) book) and got some Pinkberry. And then we played some more Plants vs. Zombies before i had to head home.

I got to Wumpskate a little late on Monday, about 9:30 (got distracted writing that last post and coming up with the icon. =) Shortly after i got there i ran into LACouple (from BayCon) which was awesome. We managed to trade email addresses this time, which we'd failed to do at the con. Well i just gave them my email address, but i had an email waiting from them when i got home :) I saw industrialbchic there too, though we didn't get the chance to talk. The theme this month was "Space," as in anything from it. There were lots of Star Wars and Star Trek costumes and t-shirts of course. There was one person dressed as Mog, and a couple that i think was dressed as Leeloo and Corbin Dallas Multipass. I just wore one of my Transformers t-shirts (the "This is how I roll" one. =) The DJ also played a lot of Star Wars and Star Trek themed songs, including several Voltaire songs :) (One of which i don't think i'd even heard before.)

I took a break around 10:45 to give shelleycat a call and got back inside about 11:05 or 11:10. There was a pretty big line for Doomie's Tacos at that point, so i went out to skate some more and came back when the line was down to about three people. But just as i did that they started playing "The Spice Must Flow," and i had to go back out for that. The next song was a weird disco/industrial hybrid remix of the Star Wars theme, and i was quite willing to skip that to get tacos. Which was lucky for me, because when he finished with the two people ahead of me he had exactly enough stuff left to make one vegan and one beef taco =P I'd really wanted to get four vegan tacos, but i was happy to at least get something. And when i got over to the drink stand they were out of diet Monster, but since i was eating less tacos than i had originally expected i got a regular Monster instead.

I spent most of the rest of the night skating, and managed to skate backwards almost constantly for the last 13 minutes of the night :) I got home about 1:45, and went to sleep on the couch so i could be sure i'd actually get up after getting two hours of sleep =P
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