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The Trico/Last Guardian trailer is very pretty, and the cat/dog/gryphon thing is very cute.

However this is by the same people who did Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. As Penny Arcade aptly put it, you know it has to end badly =P

In happier news, on saturday or sunday i poked around a bit at the forums for Dragon Tails, one of my (many) favorite comics. Unfortunately it hadn't been updated in quite awhile, in fact i'd just noticed that the comic had now been on hiatus for over an entire year, with no word from the author in that time (at least not on the site.) Some of the forum areas were still active, but the main area mainly consisted of a couple plaintive calls wondering when the comic was going to be updated, if the comic was going to be updated, and geez i hope you haven't died or something =P

And then, suddenly and totally coincidentally, a day or two after i checked, the comic suddenly started getting updated again! Of course it's only one comic so far, so who knows if he'll keep it up, but here's hoping :)

Also, new icon. I feel like that quote should be from something in particular (or perhaps, "How did you not see this coming?") but if it does belong to anything in particular i couldn't think of it, and this was the best image i could come up with in the meantime. Definitely needs improvement =P

Anyways, now it is time to head off for Wumpskate :)
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