DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Mason jars

Where does one get mason jars?

I went by Albertson's last week and they had little pint sized mason jars (definitely figuratively speaking, not even pint sized literally) but nothing larger. I went by Target last night and they had the same tiny mason jars. They did have a larger "cracker jar" which could do in a pinch, but it cost $5 and the mouth was extra wide, which would make the process of filtering out the grounds a little tough.

If i wanted to do the moderately convenient route i'd like to get two mason jars, a sieve, and a funnel. However if the jars cost $5 each, and the sieve and funnel cost $5 each (i couldn't find either of those at Target, but i didn't see much kitchen stuff for under $3, and most of it was closer to $5) then it would be about $20, which is already more than half what it would cost to get an actual Toddy system.

If i could find just the jars for cheap then i could keep on using the cheesecloth (at least until it runs out) and try to pour very carefully.

Or i could just stick with making 1.25 cups of concentrate at a time (about enough for two drinks) on a semi-daily basis, and deal with the continual mess. Or i could just give up on the whole idea and stick with hot filter brewing :)
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