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Last week

shelleycat and i went to see "Up," last weekend, which was really good. I'd actually been a little doubtful just based on the trailers since i wasn't sure about the premise, but the opening ten minutes or so set it up really well, albeit in a very bittersweet way.

We went to the 3D version, and as usual it was very impressive for about five or ten minutes, and then we pretty much stopped noticing the effect entirely.

Also, last thursday we played Agricola for the first time in quite awhile, and it ended up sucking up the entire evening.

We did the thing with drawing 14 occupations and minor buildings each and discarding down to 7. As usual it seemed like the occupations i got were much cooler than the buildings in general. I did a better job of coming up with a cohesive plan than usual. The main focus of which was, "get lots of food." I had three "traveling players" focused occupations. The first of which (the juggler?) gave me double the food on the space. The second one let me move the family member on the traveling players space to either the "plow field" or "take grain" spaces if they were available after everyone else had places all their family members. (And they picked up an extra food every time i used the first occupation.) The third one would have let me spend food to buy animals whenever i took the traveling players space, but i never got them out, mainly because i didn't manage to build any fences until the very last turn =P

I also got a "the Lover," which got me an extra family member around the third turn, which was _very_ useful. And a well builder guy, who made building the well really cheap as a minor improvement, and was particularly useful because one of the minor buildings i got was a replacement well. In the course of two or three turns i was able to get him out, build the well, replace it with the other well from my hand, and rebuild the original well, giving me 9 points and 13 food over a period of about 7 or 8 turns :)

In fact between that and the traveling player guy, the "house goat" that gave me one food every feeding cycle was pretty much useless, and i would have been much better off replacing it with some other minor improvement. However i really didn't know at the time that i was picking out the cards that i was going to end the game with about a dozen food to spare :)

I also had a minor improvement for expanding my house, which i got up to size five, but never managed to renovate it at all. I ended the game with a full house and full family, one large square pasture, a set of six fields and no empty spaces. I had grain and vegetables out the wazoo, but absolutely no animals aside form the house goat "building."

All in all i think i ended up with 38 points, which was enough to claim victory by about a 5 point margin :)
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