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Okay, i think that was the most disappointing Square-Enix press conference since i started paying attention to E3. Or possibly ever. As far as i can tell from the live blog, it was about FF14, FF14 and FF14. Oh, and FF11. As in "how is FF14 different from FF11?" and "how is FF14 the same as FF11?" and "how will FF11 be affected by the release of FF14."

For those who haven't heard, FF14 was just announced yesterday, and it's another MMO. Which i'm sure is very exciting to those into MMOs, but i'm not. I don't have the time for them, and i'm rather skeptical about the story potential in them in general.

And it's not like there wasn't other Square-Enix news released this week! They announced the general release date for FF13 as well as the newest Kingdom Hearts DS game, a FF7 port was surprise-released on PSN, FF Crystal Bearers is going to be using the new Wii Motion Plus, and there was at least one new game revealed ("Nier.") It's just that none of this was announced at their own press conference =P

In other news, it turns out that the new Metroid game is going to be a hybrid 2D/3D-third-person/first-person game. This makes me cautiously hopeful and also somewhat worried. These split mode games are always difficult to pull off. It's hard enough getting _one_ play style working and polished properly. Getting two working is more than twice as difficult, because not only does each need to be done properly in its own right, you have to make the process of switching between them seem natural to the user.

Also, Miyamoto announced that there's a new Zelda game in development, which was a bit of a shock since this was outside of Nintendo's press conference, but at least _they_ weren't short of other interesting news at their main event.
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