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BSG and food

Instead of eating at a restaurant last night shelleycat and i (well, mostly shelleycat =) decided we should go grab some mostly ready-to-go food at the store. For about $23 at TJs and Albertsons we got a loaf of french bread, a wedge of cambozola cheese, some kiwi fruit, a largish box of grapes, a huge "steak" (technically a roast, but we just cut it in half and it resulted in what seemed like two perfectly good steaks to me) and on spec, a weird candy bar from the check out lane in TJs for dessert.

The roast was even pre-cooked, so all i had to do was cut it in half and toss it in a frying pan for a couple minutes on each side to warm it up and sear the outside. On the downside that means that it didn't come out quite as rare as i would normally like, but i, er, rarely manage to get steaks as rare as i want when i'm cooking my own, and the ease of the cooking process made up for a lot.

So for about half the cost of a trip to Outback we got more yummy food than we were actually able to eat, and probably far more than i _should_ have eaten =P There was still some of the french bread left and about half the grapes when we were done, and we never did get around to the strange candy bar.

We also watched the last two episodes of season 3 of BSG. Someone or other told me that the season that just finished was actually number five, but checking wikipedia it seems that was in error, and we need to wait around a couple months before season 4 comes out. I can't believe they're doing that damn .0/.5 thing again though. I thought it was a crappy thing to do the first time when there was some hope that they'd relent later and come out with a full season later, but that never happened. I ended up having to pay almost double the cost for a regular season box set a full two or three years after the initial stupid release.

Anyways, spoilers through the end of Season 3 of BSG:

Not much happened in the second to last episode. The whole trial thing seemed confusing to us (from a plot perspective) and we thought several people were acting out of character in regards to it.

The last episode, we did actually start considering the possibility that the people hearing the music were Cylons a bit before the reveal. When we saw to the five glowing figures i said they had to reveal at least _one_ this season, but after counting up the number of people hearing the music i wasn't entirely convinced they were going to reveal _four_. I knew that there was a big advertising push about revealing the last Cylon towards the end of the last season, so if there were five seasons that would mean that they wouldn't have any other Cylons left to reveal for all of season 4 and most of season 5, right? :)

I'm still not 100% convinced that they actually are Cylons. I find it hard to believe that human form Cylons have been around for... 40 years was it that Tigh has been active? How could that not have come up before now? If they had them for 40 years why did they wait so long before their invasion? Or why didn't they plant more of them in ultra-deep cover in important positions like Tigh? And if you created a design-to-order deep agent to insert into the military, why the hell would you give him a serious drinking problem? =P And if they've been making them for 40 years how can they possibly still only have 13 models? =P And why would you suddenly wake up 80% of your remaining sleeper agents with absolutely _no_ goals to assign them and without even some kind of personality rewrite to ensure their loyalty? They've now got four secret agents who are confused and feeling betrayed and still working for the other side! They're lucky that none of them decided to just announce the situation to their human friends, especially given that other Cylons have been shown leniency when after switching sides, even after having actively worked against the humans for awhile.

However with BSG it can be very dangerous to assume that something is totally illogical, so it must be a trick to hide something else :)

Anyways, the Starbuck thing was predicted by both shelleycat and i as soon as Apollo hopped in a fighter and they started talking about an unidentified bogey. I'm still very curious to find out what happened with her, though given some comments from one of the earlier posts i'm a little worried that too may end up being painfully dumb.
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