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All the zones have names like that in the Galaxy of Terror

Good news everybody!

Well, good news for anyone in the bay area who likes rollerskating/rollerblading and goth/industrial music.

... hello? Anyone?

Well in any case, it seems there is now a bay area Wumpskate. The next one is on June 9th (tuesday) at San Jose Skate, 397 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose. They claim to have a "website", but i haven't actually checked it out yet.

Anyways, Wumpskate was awesome, as usual.

I wore my Monty Python Black Knight shirt, since that's the closest i had to something boardgame related. I saw one other person with some kind of chess t-shirt, and i think industrialbchic was dressed as a Black Queen, but that's about all i saw in terms of boardgame costumes. However several people decided to interpret "game night" as "video game night," i don't know if they didn't read the description or if it was just willful ignorance (i had actually thought about doing so myself. =) I think Xian decided to throw them a bone a the end of the night by playing the Pac-Man techno song and "Closer to Mario."

I had a lot of trouble retaining water for the first half of the night. I must have gotten at least 60 gulps from the water fountain, but still kept coming off the skating rink feeling really hot. After taking a somewhat long break to eat some tacos and drink a diet Monster my body seemed to adjust a little better, at least in terms of hydrology. I think either there was something wrong with the straps on my right rollerblade, or there was something wrong with my right foot. By the end of the night it quite possibly may have been both :) On the plus side i did a lot of backwards skating when i first got there and a lot more at the end of the night, and it didn't hurt too much doing so. I'm still not _graceful_, but at least it's not killing my legs to do it anymore, at least for moderate periods.

Towards the end of the night, around 12:30 i think, Xian announced that she had free boardgames for the first four people to show up at the DJ booth. I had just recently gotten off the rink to rest a bit, so i ambled (rolled? rambled?) over and was second in line. I'm not sure what the girl in front of me grabbed, i think it my have been "Limits" or "No Limits" or something like that. The three choices left for me were "In Limbo," "Killer Bunnies," and "Dead Man's Treasure." I know that shelleycat's friends own a copy of Killer Bunnies. More importantly, i also know that shelleycat hates it :) So given the choice between a generic sounding "In Limbo" and a pirate game, i went with the pirate game :) I was quite happy when i got to look at the front of the box and saw above and to the left of the title, "Riner Kinizia's" :) If it was one of his better games i presumably would have heard of it before this, but hopefully this means that it won't totally blow. I also hadn't realized until looking at the box that the "PlayRoom Entertainment" that was providing the games, both for playing during Wumpskate and for the prizes, was actually a game publisher, not a game store.

Anyways, that was pretty much my evening. Got home about 1:35 or 1:40, failed to get to bed until 2 something, then hit snooze on my alarm from about 4 to 4:30. (And then stupidly allowed myself to be distracted until about 5:30 trying to win the prizes for "todays" tournaments in Dragon Quest Monsters =P)

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