DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Stuff i want

Coffee grounds smell gooood. (But don't sniff too heavily! Or breathe out too heavily after sniffing in!!! *cough*)

I want a little desktop toy thing, built kind of like those marble drop displays you see in museums, or that you can buy in refrigerator magnet format to stick on your fridge. Except instead of dropping marbles down chutes and slides and widgets, you'd drop coffee beans. And when the coffee bean gets to the bottom it would go into a little grinder and get ground up, and then a little fan would blow coffee smell at you, or something like that. One could theoretically save up the grounds from many such drops to eventually make a cup of coffee, but the constantly blowing air over/through the grounds to get the smell out probably wouldn't do much for the freshness.

It might also include the option to hook it to a clock, such then one bean would fall every x seconds or minutes. You could even set it as an alarm. "I want a cup of coffee in y minutes, drop beans at a constant rate over that time such that i have enough grounds for a cup at the end."

Alternately, someone could just invent coffee flavored(?) incense :)

On a related note, i really need to learn some self control. It takes me far longer to make a cup of coffee than it does to drink it =P
Tags: caffeine

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