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Is this the last episode? Or the second to last? Second to last it looks like.

So i suppose the fairly tale supposed to be an allegory for the actives signing themselves up for the Dollhouse?

So the Dollhouse is doing charity work now?

Yay! Cute lab assistant again! :)

Why yes, they are doing charity work it seems. How did they get ahold of her brain scan in the first place though!

Ha, i didn't think of the tracking thing until they were actually pulling into the garage.

Woot! Alan Tudyk in the credits :)

Hmmm, so is he _actually_ Alpha? It doesn't seem likely given how easily he was found, so the casting might have been an attempt to trick the viewers.

So i repeat, if Agent guy was able to track him down that easily how the hell did the Dollhouse fail to do it? The best way i can figure out is that he's _not_ actually the guy that designed the place, he just planted that factoid somewhere where he knew Agent would find it. Why bother though? He clearly could have gotten back in on his own whenever he wanted. Perhaps just as a distraction?

Yeah, seems like that.

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