DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Crappy week

Among other things, i had to work "late" today to fix up an annoying bug and missed out on the Video Game Music Show =/

Also, i think i may have killed a spider on wednesday. :( When i opened the garage door when i got home there was a spider hanging off the bottom. I didn't want to run into it with the car, so i grabbed the thread it was hanging off of and tried to move it out of the way, but as soon as i did that it panicked and dropped down to the ground. I certainly didn't want to run _over_ it with the car, so i tried to brush it out of the way. But then it curled up into a little ball and stopped moving. I brushed it the rest of the way to the side and i'm hoping that it was just stunned or playing dead to get me to leave it alone, but i'm afraid to look at that part of the ground outside the garage because if there's _still_ a curled up ball of spider there... :(

On the plus side i did get to hang out with shelleycat twice this week instead of just once, which makes up for quite a bit.

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