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shelleycat and i spent part of last night discussing the post from yesterday. She thought 165 as a nominal goal was nuts, then i showed her the BMI calculator, and from there we found the ideal weight calculator which gives you results according to a couple different systems. According to that my ideal weight is 151 lbs, with a range of 129 to 174, going by BMI. There's an alternate scale that claims my ideal weight is 166 lbs, and another that claims 155 lbs. She claimed it was unrealistic, but when we tried plugging in her stats for comparison she ended up right near the middle of her ideal range.

She ended up deciding it would be better to pull out a tape measure and just measure me, since she thinks that's more important than the exact number of pounds (and i seem to remember some other people expressing agreement with that philosophy.)

The results of that were: Chest - 41.5", Upper arms - 12", Stomach - 37.5", Waist - 36.5", Thighs - 21.5"

I think my earlier claims about having a bulge in the middle are pretty well validated given that even shelleycat was surprised enough by the apparent discrepancy between the visual difference between my stomach and waist and the measured difference that she went back and remeasured my waist, and got the same results. What was especially ironic is that at the time i was wearing a pair of shorts that claimed to have a 32" waist, but which not only fit, they kept trying to actually fall off =P (Clearly women's clothes aren't the only ones with messed up measurements, though at least the guy's scales seem to be mostly internally consistent.)

So anyways, in her considered opinion my goal ought to be to lose 2 inches from my stomach and 1 inch from my chest, and gain one inch on my arms.
Tags: exercise, nutrition

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