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27 April 2009 @ 06:24 am
I played Pandemic 2 for an hour or so over at shelleycat's place. I can see why "Madagascar closes its ports" has become a meme. In the second game i played (after accidentally hitting the yellow "close game" x in the upper right hand corner rather than the grey "close window" x in the upper right hand corner about two minutes into my first game) i managed to infect and kill everyone in the world _except_ Madagascar. The only time i've actually managed to infect Madagascar so far is when i started in Madagascar, and in that case by the time i managed to get the disease out through the single port it was so prevalent that everywhere else started shutting down their ports/airports/borders. It might seem a bit questionable that health officials worldwide would even notice, much less start taking drastic actions to prevent the spread of a disease that has absolutely no symptoms. However it's probably fair to pass that off as them being Genre Savvy, given that they live in a universe where such a disease can spread to literally 100% of the people in any country where there are infected people (extremely unlikely in our universe) and such infected people never recover from the disease (technically common in our universe, but _usually_ only to the extent that they may harbor a reservoir of the disease after recovering and suffer the occasional relapse) and then at some later point every single instance of the pathogen worldwide will simultaneously mutate in exactly the same manner (extremely impossible in our universe) and then proceed to kill literally 100% of the people already infected with the disease (extremely unlikely in our universe.)

In other notes on the weekend, it seems that three mixed drinks at Chilis (One strawberry margarita, one appletini and one strawberry daiquiri) gets me significantly less tipsy than three beers/ciders at BJs, which is kinda strange. We didn't do much else this weekend since i had to leave early to go into work =P

We also went to IHOP for brunch(?) on sunday around 2, which isn't really of note except for how stark a difference there was in the number of other customers there compared to the week before. Apparently _no_one_ goes to IHOP for brunch/lunch on Easter sunday. We got there about the same time, and there was one other pair of people there, and they left about five or ten minutes after we got there, so for most of our meal we were the only customers in the entire restaurant.

Also last weekend we watched "Get Smart" on DVD which we both thought was pretty good. shelleycat thought it was much better than she expected, but she had really low expectations to begin with. My only fear was that they'd be overly stupid about the humor, but they almost always managed to hit about the right level of Refuge In Audacity for my tastes.

The weekend before last we took a day trip down to Julian, which is like a much smaller version of Cannon Beach, but in the mountains rather than on the coast, and with pies and apples rather than cheese and taffy. (The comparison came to mind because shelleycat's family went there a lot when she was a kid, just like my family went to Cannon Beach.)
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DonAithnendonaithnen on April 27th, 2009 04:45 pm (UTC)
Yeah, my first move is always to buy up Airborne and Insect, then rodent and waterborne, then buy up all the tolerances. I generally sell any symptoms i have other than fever and wait until i've infected every country that hasn't closed every possible vector of infection and then start buying symptoms. Fever + Fatigue is a quick and cheap killer (literally) combination.

And yeah, the border control these places have is pretty astounding. I had a similar situation where Western Europe closed all its borders and remained free of the plague, despite Eastern Europe (and everyone else except South America and, guess where, Madagascar) dying to a person. I guess that European Union is a lot more centralized and effective than i thought :)

I've thought of the same thing re: Pandemic 3, but it would probably be far too much like actual work for them. As it is i assume they're just doing statistical math on entire population groups. If they wanted to model asymptotic carriers and such they'd probably have to break it down into much smaller population groups or something.

Also if they wanted to make it more realistic they'd have to make you buy all the attributes of your disease during a setup phase in the beginning, and then just watch how well it goes after you let it loose.

Although i suppose it might be just as realistic, and possibly more interesting, that every time you bought a new attribute you'd have to pick a location for a new zero-patient to be affected by the mutation, and you'd end up with multiple competing strains. Which means they'd either have to allow for re-infection, or just give up on the possibility of you ever killing off everyone on the planet.
Brie2gouda4u on April 27th, 2009 04:26 pm (UTC)
Hello! Nothing to say, I just figure it's been a while since I've interacted with you in any way, and pathetic though this may be, it's better than nothing. So yeah. Hi :-)
DonAithnendonaithnen on April 27th, 2009 04:35 pm (UTC)
OMG! We're all gonna die of swine flu!!!!!

Er, i mean, Hi! :)