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Now the big question for this episode is, did they have a recording of the murder victim already for some reason? Or can they (and do they usually?) scan people after death?

Ahhh, guess once you're dead it's too late. It would have been interesting if they could have done otherwise, it would have opened up a lot of interesting plot possibilities, but possibly too many plot holes as well.

I presume they're not going to let her _keep_ the body (for both in and out of show reasons) so what's the point of writing the fake person into her will?

Okay, it was pretty clear that tech dude was up to something with his request, but that wasn't what i was expecting :) I wonder if they're going to try and push it into squick territory with it?

I was wondering if it was going to be the obvious possibility, but they just lampshaded it, so i wonder if that makes it more or less likely?

Good point, combine this with cloning, and you've got "immortality" for anyone who doesn't especially care about continuity.

Agent guy's not doing such a good job of faking his emotions, though it's understandable why.

So it's one of two people, the lover, or the son. 50/50 i guess at this point.

Okay, i managed to guess which about five or ten seconds before the reveal :)

Destroy the note dummy! Oh, i didn't notice he had time to stick it in his pocket.

I've gotta say, this brain imprinting plays hell with sympathizing with the characters, but it certainly lets the actors play around a lot.

Wait, was that a flash ofAlan Tudyk/Alpha in the next episode preview while i was looking away to type this? I guess if IMDB already knows who he is then he has to show up this season :)

So it was _mostly_ a filler episode, but at least there was some character development as well. Not too bad.

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