DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


So a day or two after the fact, what's up with Amazon? (My only source for news on the subject has been my friends list and Slashdot =) Have they actually finished fixing the "glitch" they claimed was screwing everything up? And have they actually apologized for anything yet? I thought it was standard operations for a corporation to apologize for anything that goes wrong, regardless of whether or not it was actually their fault or not.

I'm not actually going to be happy with them until they apologize at the very least, but i suppose i should continue to buy stuff from them/use their wish list system anyways as long as the fix for the "glitch" is in place. The only value in a boycott after all is in the belief that if corrective action is taken then business can be restored. No reason to reform if the business is lost for good. ("What's the penalty for being late to muster?")

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