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I got a lot of skating in last night. I'm not sure if it was quite enough to make up for all the easter candy i ate yesterday though =P And just to torment me, when i got inside (after getting there about 5 minutes early and spending 15-20 minutes talking to shelleycat on the phone) i found that they had peeps at the free snack booth! =P

The theme was "spring" this month, so there were several people who looked like they'd dressed up as Rainbow Brite :) I rollerbladed for an hour or so and then took a break to get some tacos. While i was in line a cute, but probably rather young, girl introduced herself and asked if she could borrow my rollerblades because she hadn't had time to stop by home and pick up her own pair. I was kind of surprised that she thought they might fit, but i said sure. She went off and rollerbladed for three or four songs and got back just about the point i was finishing up the tacos. I asked her if she had fun and said she'd managed to get some pretty good songs while she was out there, and she agreed and thanked me profusely, and then said she needed to go check on a friend of hers and didn't talk to me again for the rest of the night. Interesting bit of randomness.

I went and rollerbladed some more, although at some point i managed to do something unfortunate to me back. Or at least a line of muscle up and down the right side decided to go "sproing." Not badly enough to stop me from rollerblading of course, just enough to be annoying (and still being annoying as i type =P) As usual now around 12:30 started alternating skating backwards for a couple laps at a time with regular rollerblading. I've now gotten to the point where i can go for a half-dozen or so laps at a time with only occasional wobblyness :)

I got home about 1:45, got to bed about 1:50, got to sleep about 2:15, alarm went off at 5, got up at 5:20, discovered my internet wasn't working (probably just one of the usual late night Time Warner resettings =P) showered, was done getting ready about 6:10, and internet was still out, so now i'm at the office about 20 or 30 minutes earlier than originally planned just killing time :)

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