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Happy Atheist Grownups Get Candy On Sale Day!!!! :)

I kinda forgot about easter this year until it was practically already over. I had to go around to five(!) different stores yesterday evening and today, but i finally found one that still had some peeps left! (Only four boxes though =/) In the process i also picked up way too many Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs. And ate way too many of them last night. Reward for filing my taxes i guess? :)

Anyways, after thinking i really ought to get around to it for a long time, i finally stopped by Fidelity on the way into work today and opened up a Roth IRA. I was only able to deposit $2000 because apparently you can't deposit to an IRA from a credit card :) Of course that means that i'll be a little delayed in paying off the current debt on my credit card. Hopefully the financial goodness of having an IRA balances out the financial badness of credit card debt? :) Of course now that i've got an IRA i need to figure out what to actually _do_ with it =P

Also, tonight is Wumpskate! Yay!!! Perhaps i can burn off some of the way too much easter candy i've been eating :)

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