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I hope the Guitar Hero Metallica game ends up suffering from truely abysmal sales. (I'm sure it will actually end up selling quite well, but i can still hope.)

I'm still got a minor grudge with them because of the whole Napster thing. However that's just part and parcel of the fact the greater sin that they seem to take themselves _way_ too seriously. This point is driven home by my current pet peeve, the commercials for Guitar Hero Metallica. For awhile there was a set of Guitar Hero commercials featuring people lip syncing to "Old Time Rock and Roll" in their underwear (which wikipedia tells me is a reference to "Risky Business.") Apparently a lot of the people in the commercials were actually celebrities of one kind or another (it seems i really suck at the spot the celebrity game =P) but the impression i got from them was kind of a light hearted "now anyone can have fun pretending to be a rock star, it's totally okay."

But now there's a Metallica version of the commercial, which starts out with the people in underwear tied up to a tree, then pans to what i presume are the members of Metallica standing next to them, who say "You really thought we'd let them prance around in their underwear for our commercial? We think not." Followed by the house behind them exploding while some Metallica song plays and they "dramatically" stride towards the camera in slow motion.

It probably_ would_ have been silly to try to have people lip syncing in their underwear to Metallica music, but that's no reason to try to denigrate the spirit of the previous commercials. They could have come up with some other idea that was entirely independent of the previous theme. But i guess people lip syncing in their underwear in their living rooms just isn't cool enough for Metallica and they had to take a stand against it. They are a SERIOUS band! They make SERIOUS HARD CORE music! SRSLY!!

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