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shelleycat and i went to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D yesterday. It was very good. The only downsides is that the plot was a little predictable, and it was "just" a comedy (duh.) On the plus side, it does a great job of subverting several tropes (it's got the best monologuing scene since the Incredibles) and the stupid body humor that seems to be becoming more and more pervasive these days is almost totally absent. Also, it has Stephen Colbert voicing the president of the US, something i totally didn't realize ahead of time, but thankfully saw in the credits at the beginning of the movie so that i could appreciate it :)

The weekend before this one we watched "Twilight," because shelleycat was possessed by some kind of morbid curiosity and ordered it through Netflix. The good points of that one are... uh... um, well the girl is cute. And the guy who seems to think it's cool to ride around standing in the back of pick up trucks like it was some kind of chariot is kinda unintentionally hilarious. That's about it.
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