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Damn it!

I was planning on just relaxing this friday, but it turns out that the theme for Ruin this week is "Sakura Matsuri," aka "Cherry Blossom Festival."


For the occasion, guests are invited to dress in their finest Asian-inspired attire, whether Japanese, Chinese, traditional, modern, couture, or even anime and ninja! The very sexy Mishy and Nui will mesmerize you with their sleek go-go no jitsu, and we are deeply honored to announce that we will be enjoying a traditional Japanese dance by the renowned Kaz Matamura (Secret Rose Theatre, Madam Butterfly) shortly after midnight! And of course, DJ Xian and DJ Baron will be spinning an exotic blend of Darkwave, Ethereal, Dark 80's, Synthpop, Dark Indie, Trip Hop, Dark Fusion and all manner Danse Macabre.

Soooo tempted...
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