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Busy week, and my sleep schedule has gotten all kinds of screwed up.

Saturday went over to shelleycat's place and we did dinner (at Marie Callender's, where the waitress managed to screw up my order =P) and then i managed to find a couple episodes of Futurama that shelleycat actually thought were amusing, yay!

Sunday we had brunch at IHOP and then watched a couple more episodes of Futurama (more yay =) and then drove up to Santa Monica (had to take separate care unfortunately) to do dinner with ceph and theinated and thumbie and shamiksan and prizmdonna and some other friends of ceph's.

Monday i got up early (two or three hours of sleep i think) and got into work early so i could leave early and drop my car off at the shop (stupid check engine light came on again.) Then after i got home i got a call from ceph saying they were doing dinner at the Mongol King, which luckily happens to be right along one of the bus routes i know about (i probably could have walked it actually, though it would have taken me 20-30 minutes to do so =P)

Tuesday i got up early (two or three hours of sleep) so i could catch the bus to work early so i could leave early to pick up my car. They'd done some more tests and thought the problem was with the alternator leaking bad AC current and either confusing the reading of the sensors or just burning them out. Unfortunately on the way from work to the shop (via bus of course) i got a call from them saying they'd replaced the alternator, which had made most of the codes disappear, but there was one still left. Luckily it was from a sensor they'd just replaced a month or two ago, so it was still under warranty. When i got home i took a nap for about an hour, then got up for the Changeling campaign, in which my character almost got devoured. I was going to go to bed at that point, but then i saw kirinn's post about the Edge magazine covers, and got sucked into that for another two hours =P

Wednesday i got up early (two hours of sleep, plus the hour of nap earlier, plus an hour or two of hitting snooze) so i could catch the bus to work. The shop got my car done about 10:30, so i took a long and early lunch at 11 to catch the bus out there and pick it up, and got back to the office right before 1. Then left at 5 with neonelephant so we could go back to my place to meet profgreg and his SO for gaming.

Decided to sleep in a bit this morning and got up at 7 (about six hours of sleep) and tonight i'm heading over to do games with shelleycat and her friends.

I think tomorrow i'm definitely _not_ going to Ruin. I'm going to stay home and relax, and hopefully catch up on sleep. Although i'm going to have to head into work on saturday in order to make up some of the time i missed out on earlier because of the car stuff =P

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