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Boring game stuff

We had a game of Race for the Galaxy in which three of the four of us all had 26 points. Luckily i won the tie-breaker with two cards (the others both had one.) I did much better in the second game, got lucky with my initial cards and luckier with my draws and got 49 points, i think everyone else was in the mid 20s or possibly the low 30s.

Brief boring recap:

I started out with New Sparta (+2 military) which is always good if you can pull off a military strategy but rather crappy if you can't. However my starting cards contained two 2 cost windfall military worlds, one of which was green and the other of which gave a military bonus (Avian Uplift Race and Former Penal Colony) and two 6 development cards, the one with bonuses for green and military and the one with bonuses for green (Pan-Galactic League and Galactic Genome Project.)

So the first turn i settled the green one of course and the second turn i traded, and both turns someone picked explore, through which i picked up Improved Logistics (settle twice.) _and_ both Alien Robot Scout Ship and Lost Alien Warship. I picked develop my third turn, planning on putting that out and then settling two planets (i was expecting someone else to pick settle, and i was right) and eventually work my way up to the alien worlds. However someone picked explore again, and i drew the 6 point Alien Tech Institute. I had just enough cards to build that without sacrificing anything else important, which was enough to let me build the Alien Robot Scout Ship, which was enough to trickle up to all the other military worlds. I spent most of the rest of the game trading my windfalls and leaching off of other peoples' develop and settle picks.

Final tableau, in order: New Sparta, Avian Uplift Race, Alien Tech Institute, Alien Robot Scout Ship, Improved Logistics, Lost Alien Warship, Lost Alien Battlefleet, Aquatic Uplift Race, Former Penal Colony, Imperium Lords, Pan-Galactic League, Rebel Colony.

I could have delayed one more turn and put out Galactic Genome Project as a 4th 6 development, but with only two green cards in my tableau Rebel Colony was actually worth more points.

After that we plated a game of Agricola in which i did _much_ less well. We tried a variant on drafting; we each got 14 occupation and 14 minor improvement cards and then had to discard down to 7 of each. After weeding out the crap i had three different strategies that had okay combinations of cards supporting them, but i then proceeded to do a mediocre to poor job on all three strategies at once. Clearly i should have focused on one or two, but i still don't know which and how i should have gone about it. One of the other players got a really awesome combination of cards (he got to put out all of his occupations pretty much for free and all of his minor improvements for cheap) and came in second, but shelleycat got three or four good individual cards (no cross-over potential) and beat him by three points in the end :)
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